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Suspension Repair

For a vehicle owner, nothing is worse than an uncomfortable driving experience. That’s why cars have suspension systems that are responsible for your vehicle’s comfort and control. In simple words, the suspension helps to maximize the friction between the wheels and the road. That’s why for better handling, a smoother ride, and more comfort for you and your passengers, suspension has to work perfectly. AAs compared to all automotive systems, suspension is susceptible to wear and tear and will eventually need to be repaired quickly. Fortunately, the certified and trained mechanics at A&M Auto Repair & Collision in Queens, New York, provide dependable, affordable, and reliable suspension repair solutions for all makes and models. We can help you, whether your car needs new struts and shocks, coil spring replacements, or steering rack repairs. The suspension system contains several parts, the most important ones include the shocks, struts, ball joints, bushings, springs, and control arms, and each can experience its own issues.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Suspension?

A car’s suspension is responsible for supplying the agility you feel when you drive, which means the suspension may be to blame in case the ride suddenly changes and becomes rougher and harder like you can feel every bump or flaw in the road. Sometimes suspension problems can also be because of changes to your steering.

If the suspension does not work properly then you must face some symptoms like difficulty when steering, especially at low speeds, and pulling to one side even when driving straight. Visually, because of a broken or worn spring, you may notice the shock absorbers or struts are oily or the vehicle may sit lower at one corner. If you’re experiencing one of the above or have other concerns in Queens, contact our team. A thorough inspection will be needed to troubleshoot the exact problem and provide a suspension repair plan—A&M Auto Repair & Collision even offers complimentary inspections for your convenience and peace of mind.

Why Consider Us Among Other Available Options In Queens, New York?

A&M Auto Repair & Collision is here when you need us most. To ensure the best service to the valuables customers our technicians are certified and receive regular training to stay on top of best practices. All our processes are up to factory standards because the equipment and technology we use are top grade. Each service we perform comes with a warranty to back our suspension repair work and ensure your confidence on the road.

We’ve been delivering quality suspension repair solutions for the past 15 years. Treat your vehicle to the care that it truly deserves today by contacting A&M Auto Repair & Collision in Queens, New York. Our car repair facility is available in emergency as well, call us at 718-786-8788 to ask questions or to set up an appointment for suspension repair. Are you facing a suspension problem? Want to fix it as quickly as possible? A&M Auto Repair & Collision is the solution to your problem!

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