Automotive maintenance

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Automotive Maintenance

Often people think that only old and damaged vehicles need monthly services & maintenance. But do you know what’s the reality, this false thinking is just people’s assumptions. The reason is whether the car is old or new it definitely needs automotive maintenance to make it run and drive smoothly always. So, never ignore any kind of warning sign or light that appears on your dashboard if you do, then this might lead to some major issue that not only damages your vehicle even also causes heavy damage to your pockets.

You are lucky if you are in search of someone in Queens, New York because A&M Auto Repair & Collision will be the best option for you to get trustworthy and reliable service without heavy charges and with complete peace of mind.

5 Reasons To Get Automotive Maintenance

Here are the top 5 important reasons why you should have to follow automotive maintenance schedules.

  •  Be Safe

A well-maintained car like the engine, exhaust system, tires, and many others, doesn’t put you at any unnecessary risk.

  • Get a Better Fuel Economy

Regular maintenance is an investment in optimum fuel economy, like a dirty fuel system and a clogged air filter just reduce fuel economy.

  • Preserve Resale Value

Automotive maintenance will help you to maintain and preserve the value of your car.

  • Don’t Void Your Warranty

If your service history doesn’t fulfill the minimum requirements recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, your warranty claims may be denied.

  • Save Money

The chance of catastrophic failures and repairs is reduced with regular maintenance.

We Fix The Problem Of Your Vehicle

From replacing brake pads to tires to oil changes, your car will require maintenance no matter if it’s a convertible, an SUV, or a hatchback. Our staff of expert and certified technicians, shade-tree mechanics, and engineers are always available to help you. This team of amazing service will help you keep your ride in top shape, both mechanically and aesthetically. A&M Auto Repair & Collision has an experienced team to guide you here as well as DIY guides for simple auto maintenance. Need to know how to correctly do any service of your car? Scroll down to check our services and call us at 718-786-8788 to schedule your appointment now. Looking for advice on how to polish the paint of your vehicle? Or don’t have an idea about how to fix the engine or suspension issue and from where? We’ve got that here too. A well-maintained vehicle will last longer, perform its best, and use less fuel so never take warning lights or suggested maintenance schedules lightly. Contact us as convenient as possible whenever any warning sign appears on your dashboard screen. A&M Auto Repair & Collision is always available to help you whenever and wherever you need us in Queens, New York. To check the details about our services click the services column on our website. For more info or to book an appointment contact us at 718-786-8788

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