Body Repair & Painting

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Body Repair & Painting

Those accidents are complete nightmares after which the vehicle needs body repair and painting service to make it look again as new as before. But not anymore, from scratches to dents to major auto collision impacts A&M Auto Repair & Collisions uses its knowledge, experience, and precision equipment to bring renewed life and luster. Whether it’s the interior or exterior part of every foreign and domestic automobile collision repair that they work on, for more than 15 years we have been serving the people with our trustworthy and reliable services. In every job that our auto body repair specialists undertake, focus on every detail. Our talented and experienced team ensures that every motor car leaving A&M Auto Repair & Collisions exterior finishing shops is a work of art. With the auto painting and collision repair services, we have helped tens of millions of customers in New York.

Painting A Vehicle After An Accident

After an accident, many times the car needs to have components replaced. You are left with unmatching units on the vehicle when it is side paneling, a new door, or a new hood. With any luck, they won’t be noticeable but still is your car in a peak condition? Definitely not, you must need something that matches and fits perfectly with your car. Contact A&M Auto Repair & Collisions by giving us a call at 88-4000-2020, we work to get you the best final product and we can explain if an overall paint job is required for the vehicle. It’s guaranteed with us you’ll not have to tolerate yourself with unmatched side paneling anymore, our team tries their level best to make your car best just like it was before having an accident.

How We Do Our Job?

By our technicians, every precision body painting is done in an airtight, dust-free environment by using infrared drying with high-tech spray paint booth technology. That’s why A&M Auto Repair & Collisions maintains a vast database of paint formulas, colors, and hues that includes every paint formula ever utilized, also matches perfectly with any shade of the vehicle. By providing this top-quality service to the customers now our company has become the name of a perfection auto repair shop in Queens, New York.

Do not make a mistake or omission on your auto body repair damage after an accident.

Now you might be thinking about what makes taking your car to A&M Auto Repair & Collisions so special right? So, the answer is the amount of work that we can do on your car from oil changes to paint jobs and body repairs. We do what the dealership does at a fraction of the price plus the vehicle type does not matter for us because we work on all types of vehicles. Just contact us, we are fully licensed and insured, fix the body repair and painting needed for your vehicle at an affordable price as compared to other websites and shops. Call us at 718-786-8788 to fix your appointment with us now!

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