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A&M Auto Repair & Collision is a well-established auto repair shop in Queens, New York. Our company has offered car maintenance to major repairs for the past few years. This is the name of the company that has built its reputation on reliable services for all times of vehicles in Queens, New York. For the past years, our company has been able to help countless drivers with their need for Car Maintenance, Collision Repair, and other major auto repair services at affordable prices because our aim is to serve them with the best instead of taking advantage of their helpless situation. From the simplest maintenance work to automotive air conditioning repair, our expert technician will cover anything for you. That’s why A&M Auto Repair & Collision take pride in being able to provide superb auto repair and maintenance services in Queens and building a trustworthy relationship with the valuables customers. For this we have a team of trained and reliable experts, also we keep up with the latest automotive technologies in order to maintain the level of quality service that we’ve provided over the years. Most importantly we are a licensed and certified company that serves a number of people in Queens, for more, you can also check the reviews of our past customers. Also, we never compromise on checking your vehicle for both safety and emission concerns as required by the state

A&M Auto Repair & Collision is here to serve YOU!

We are always available to help and serve the people of Queens, New York City. We may be new to you but we are not new to the automotive repair business, serving for the past years to help people with their lovely vehicles without causing heavy damage to their pockets or taking advantage of their helpless situation. Not only have a professional and trained staff who have experience of more than 10 years in the field even also service all makes and models, foreign and domestic, and have all the necessary training, personnel, and equipment to get the job done right in a fast and friendly manner.

The valuable and old customers already have an idea about how excellent the results of our service are because we know how to deliver, with hard-working staff and the latest equipment. Our team will do whatever it takes to get your vehicle back on the road in a timely manner, we know how busy everyone is nowadays so will never waste your valuable time by taking hours to get the service done. Try our level best to get any kind of service done in the least possible time.

Over the years, A&M Auto Repair & Collision has grown from a small shop to a complete automotive repair facility. An amazing thing is that we believe in a clear pricing estimate without any hidden cost or additional charges, so before beginning any services we will give you a clear pricing estimate or you can also ask us about options to keep auto repair costs low or upgrades to keep your car in top shape. Give us a try, because customer satisfaction is our top priority

We Offer Preventive Work

Around the world, a lot of car owners find themselves in a scenario wherein wear and tear is getting the best of their car. If you are a vehicle owner then definitely face this situation. But in this busiest era, hectic schedules have prevented them from fixing their vehicle at the upcoming convenient time. In this situation, A&M Auto Repair & Collision can come in handy. We have a trustworthy and professional team who are experts in the automotive industry has allowed us to provide preventive care that can add more miles to your car. To isolate the problem, they can run a thorough car inspection and then make sure that tweaks are made before it becomes a bigger problem in the long run. In case of a major repair like after getting into a collision or god forbid into an accident then you can also consider us, it’s guaranteed you’ll find competitive pricing with our services.

We Deal With Luxury Brands

Do you have an expensive car? Or don’t want someone to handle your lovely vehicle unprofessionally? For the past years, A&M Auto Repair & Collision has worked with some of the best luxury brands in the automotive world. We are experts in handling luxury brands like Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Porsche among other brands out there. That’s why we have covered both collision repair work to the simplest oil change requirement of both foreign and domestic cars. We ensure that whatever service you take from us will never cause any further damage to your vehicle because we understand how important and lovely a vehicle is for the owner no matter how latest or old it is.

Why choose A&M Auto Repair & Collision?

You must have to admit that you’ll be hard-pressed to find the same level of expertise that our auto technician specialists provide! By serving in the field for the past years now we have enough experience to work on both domestic and import vehicles of all makes and models, also work with you to find cost-effective maintenance and repair alternatives.
To keep running your domestic or imported vehicle at full power, we are providing comprehensive car care services. For any questions regarding the services or to get in contact with experts to determine what needs to be done, you have to contact us at the given number. In search of a reliable auto repair shop in Queens? Or whenever you need a car mechanic near me A&M Auto Repair & Collision stands behind all of our work with a guarantee so you can count us in. Don’t hesitate and give us a call now, our team will always feel happy to serve the people in need or in other words to get their vehicle back on the road again! Get your appointment now!

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